Free Gold on The Beach? – MALINDI


Grab yourself some tea or coffee as this will be my first post that I will try to give you the back story of a real adventure.

My two friends and I planned on going to Malindi on a not so good weather season. There were alerts on heavy downpours throughout the coastal line. The coast of Kenya was literally flooding because of the heavy rains. We were almost backing out last minute but the weekend would have been very long for us as on Monday was a public holiday.

We crossed our fingers and decided to go as per the plan (liwe liwalo yaani) The trip was becoming inevitable even before we packed our bags. The first bummer, a day before we travel we called the place we had reserved a week ago to see if our reservation was still valid. The lady at first wasn’t picking our calls and when she did she was so oblivious about it.

We did not give up on it as we had set our minds, we aren’t sleeping in Mombasa for the weekend 😂. We started checking out other places online for accommodation on and jumiatravels. Most places were either not within our budget or the ones that were had very bad reviews. We went for the one which the good out weighed the bad reviews( this is really not a smart move don’t ever use it)

The next day we were psyched and ready for the road trip to Malindi.

There are many matatus that ply the route from Mombasa to Malindi. Their stage is located at Buxton. Basically here is where you will find matatus that go to Kilifi, Watamu, Malindi, and Lamu. The best time of travel is early hours of the morning as the matatus fills up really fast.

We decided to travel in the afternoon. After three hours drive, we arrived in the evening. It had rained heavily but we got lucky as when we alighted it had already stopped.

We took a bajaji to where we were staying for the night. Checking in we encountered our second bummer. The place wasn’t as we expected at all. (yeah there was some bad reviews but still, it wasn’t this bad) Lesson: never ignore any bad review about a place

We went out for dinner and bought a few things as we opted to cook for ourselves. This is actually a trick for traveling on a budget. Always opt to cook instead of ordering meals throughout your stay. Just inquire if they allow when booking.

The next day after having our breakfast we were ready to head out. Malindi is quite a small town hence very easy to maneuver around. Bajaji (tuk-tuks) are the most common public means of transportation here. They are very convenient especially if you don’t know your way around.

Our first stop for exploring was the falconry of Kenya. Here we found that they keep quite a number of birds like:

  • Owls of different species
  • Eagles, Falcons, Pecker birds. Apart from birds, the park also has
  • Lizards of different species
  • Snakes ( we did not check them out as we all have a phobia of snakes)
  • Tortoise ( one of them is 200yrs old and I found it quite impressive)
  • Crocodiles that feed up to 40kilos of meat

At the Falconry, one pays a minimal entrance fee (kes 200 for adult citizen)You are provided with a guide who takes you around the pack. One can feed the oldest tortoise with leaves as you watch it walk slowly around.

The exciting part for me is when I wore the glove and the falcon perched on my hand. It was heavy but the feeling was awesome.

We headed next to the pier a place locally known as butwani. This is a commonly visited place by the locals as it serves as a public beach. I was really blown away by this beach. Being used to the white sandy beaches, this was a new ballgame for me.

The sand all across the beach glitters and you will find yourself squinting if you look too closely. Now the white sandy beaches are cliché, we have golden beach sand😍. This is so mind-blowing. I never thought such a place even existed.

We couldn’t get enough of this beach. It is such a dreamy place to be.

The best time to visit the pier (butwani) is in the morning or evening hours. You are assured to get a scenic view of both the sun rise and sunset. Unfortunately our stay was very short we couldn’t get the sunrise/sunset at the pier.

However we got to see even a better sunset outside Malindi which I will be sharing with you in my next post.

In the comments section let me know if you have ever had a crappy accomodation that you felt the place should be exposed. I really am holding myself from mentioning where we stayed.

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