Hellish Ride From Hell’s Kitchen


This is a continuation of my previous post on free gold on the beach.

Just sitting down and writing this makes me anxious and excited at the same time. This is because of two reasons;

  • I was obsessing about this place since I ran into adventure Singh YouTube about the place.
  • Writing this makes me relieve the ride back which was one of the scariest ride I have encountered in my life so far.

After visiting the butwani beach we headed for lunch at osteria which is a walking distance from the beach. They have the best Italian pizza and a good icecream gelato.

We were joined by one of my IG friends from Malindi whom I got to meet in person for the first time. I informed her a couple of days before we traveled and we agreed to meet during our shot stay.

We took a bajaji and headed to town where we could find the matatus that ply the route from town to marafa. It was a two hour drive in the hot Malindi weather as the rains had stopped. If you plan on traveling to marafa, I would not advice the option we choose to use a matatu.

The road is partially tarmacked but the rest of the ride was a bumpy one. A 4×4 vehicle is the best on this trip.

We alighted at the stage and had to take a motorbike to the hell’s kitchen. The distance is not quite far around 8-10 minutes with a motorbike.

At the gate we paid 300 shillings each, entry charges for Kenyan adult citizen. There is also a guide fee which is negotiable. The guide is not a must but I won’t advice you to take that hike in the canyon alone. It is big and one can easily get lost.

Our guide was very friendly and well vassed with the canyon. He is the one who actually showed us the best spots for taking our photos. What we noticed about him is that he has an eye for photography and he ended up taking most of our group photos.

What we learnt from him is that:

  1. The marafa canyon got its name hell’s kitchen from how hot the place gets. At midday the temperatures inside the canyon rise up to 50°c. This is why it is advisable to visit in the late afternoon when the sun is not as hot.
  2. The historical myth about how the canyon came into existence. Legend says that there used to be a wealthy clan that lived on the land. They were extravagant in their lifestyle where they bathed and washed with milk. They were not charitable to the nearby clan who were poor and could not afford milk. God sent them a punishment by opening the land on their homes and they were swallowed inside the earth. The colors on the sandstone red symbolized the blood of the clan and white symbolized the milk.
  3. The geographical logic is soil erosion on the sandstone escapement that caused the colorful canyon.
  4. The depression is growing day by day due to the soil erosion on the area.

The hike is fairly tough but very exciting. The views from the top and inside the canyon is very beautiful filled with different colors. It is totally worth the 2hours drive.

There are two gorges that caught my eye. One is an opening like a window and the depression can be seen through it. The other is a gorge that has formed in the shape of a lion.

On our hike back up we caught the sunset. This is the real spot for sundowner in Malindi. It was so breathtaking we actually saw the sun completely going down(not literally though 😁) I am yet to find another sunset spot that will wow me like this.

After having a magical day like this, we were in for some real disappointments going back to our villa. Apparently the matatus don’t operate past seven. The only option was for us to board a motorbike to the junction.

Since we were four we opted to take two motorbikes two on each. The road was bumpy and total darkness had engulfed the whole place. The area is scarcely populated you hardly see two houses next to each other.

The motorbike ride was very long and scary as the murram was not levelled hence we ended up being swayed up down the whole ride. we were all praying in our hearts to just get to the tarmac safely. It took us about 45-50 minutes to get to the tarmac.

I have never been so happy about seeing the tarmac like I was that day. I almost kissed it literally. That was how happy I was. We got a bajaji to take us to our villa.

Inside the bajaji we were still shaken from the ride and no one really felt like talking we rode quietly for the rest of the way. We dropped my Malindi friend and proceeded to our villa.

When we arrived we started saying out loud about the things that were going on in our minds throughout the motorbike ride. We really thanked the Almighty for keeping us safe.

If you decide to go visit the place I repeat don’t bank on public transportation. You will end up having such a scary ride.

This is the end of my two series of exploring Malindi. I hope you have enjoyed it dispute the downs we had in our mini vacation.

I will leave you with a tip on traveling as a group and you are all cost sharing. One of my friend came across an app called Splitwise. This is a math saver if you are traveling and each one of you ends up paying for different things.

Once one pays and tags the expense, the app equally divides among all group members.

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