Castle That Wasn’t a Way to a Woman’s Heart – Lord Egerton Castle

Hello, this is an alert I will be taking you back to history lessons on this post. Please stay awake till the end 🤗

Lord Maurice Egerton (1874-1958) from England’s noble family was sole heir to Alan de Tatton and Lady Anna Louisia.

He was the forth and last Baron Egerton of Tatton after succeeding from his father who passed away. Lord Maurice was a skilled photographer and an avid traveler.

Through his travels he found his way into Kenya. He explored the rift valley during the British colonial period vastly. Arriving in now called Nakuru he bought parcels of land 9miles away from town.(now known as Ngata)

Being from a noble family he wanted a wife from a similar background. Luckily on his visit to Australia he fell head over heals with a woman from Australia’s noble family.(there is no name mentioned in history of the Australian lady)

Lord Maurice went ahead to woe her and invited her to his home. He had built himself a 6 bedroom house in Ngata. The lady upon visiting turned him down and sarcastically called his home a chicken coop.

The lady went back to Australia and left Lord Maurice determined to win her heart. He braced himself and hired Albert Brown a well known architect to build a castle that will not be compared to any existing castle at that time. Thinking this will definitely make the lady change her heart.

The construction of 4 story 53 rooms castle started and all the materials were imported from Italy and England. The castle was magnificently build with carved stones and zinc roof tiles like no other castle could match up to it. The construction was completed in 1936.

Lord Maurice believed in himself that the lady will not turn him down this time after seeing his home. He again invited her to his home. Upon her arrival, the lady laughed at him and called it a dog’s kernel. She went back to Australia and got married to another Lord.

Lord Maurice felt completely devastated and hated women from how the lady turned him down. He burned women from stepping foot in his castle that occupied 100 acres of land. Legend has it that he kept posters on trees warning women if they are spotted on his land they will be shot. No servant of his was allowed to keep chicken or a dog as he hated the animals figuratively used by the lady.

He ordered his friends and workers to keep women away from his home. Lord Maurice emersed himself in agriculture to keep himself busy. This led to the birth of Egerton agricultural college which is now Egerton university.

Lord Maurice passed on as a lonely man with no heir. Most of the household items in the castle were looted after his death only a few things left to depict the lifestyle of the Lord.The castle is now under Egerton university.

The castle still magnificently stands with beautiful lawns of land that are neatly maintained. It is now open to the public at an affordable entrance fee(even women now visit without being shot, see am still alive 🤭)

The ironic twist is despite the castle being on history books as sad unrequited love, love birds find their way to the castle. Marriages are held in the beautiful outdoors and even wedding photoshots are taken with the castle presenting as a good background.

This really shows how people deal with rejection. Some decide to shut themselves out and never try again.

That is the end of the history part. Let’s get down to the fun part, what to expect when you visit the castle.

Things To Do at The Lord Egerton Castle

Getting There

The castle is located 9miles from Nakuru at a place called Ngata. You can opt to drive yourself there or use public transportation by boarding Ngata matatus.

If using a matatu you will alight at the junction and take a motorbike that will take you to the castle. The stretch from the junction to the castle is murram and not yet tarmacked.

Upon arrival there is minimal entrance fee that you pay at the gate. The castle is child friendly and one can take the kids out for a picnic. They will definitely enjoy running around the massive area so ensure to carry balls and any playing toys available.

There is a small shop next to the castle that sells soft drinks and a few snacks just incase you forgot to pack something.

This is the end of our first history fun class 😄 till next time.

In the comments section drop a message on how you think Lord Maurice should have acted after the final rejection. Was it healthy for him to live alone and never try out on love again?

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