Sea Front Hotel That Stole My Heart – Forodhani

Halal Tip

The restaurant is purely halal and does not serve any alcoholic drink.
A prayer space is available on the second floor in a hall where weddings or corporate functions are mostly held.

As you take your afternoon stroll on the tinny streets of old town admiring various antique shops  make sure to have a stop at forodhani sea front hotel for the ocean breeze and a cold glass of fresh juice, mojito or even a masala tea pot(as the Swahili saying goes dawa ya moto ni moto) to cool off since Mombasa weather tends to be always hot in the afternoons.

Forodhani sea front hotel is situated at old town next to Mombasa old port. On the opposite side of the ocean lays English point a state of the art hotel while adjacent to it is the historical fort Jesus.

From the menu one can indulge in variety of cuisines their specialty being sea food and Swahili dishes. Their rates are quite favorable and you are assured value for your money.
The ambiance seals the deal with your soul as you enjoy your delicacy with the sound and view of the waves that is so therapeutic.
this is by far one of my favorite chai spot and a go to place for unwinding or just read a book(yeah no internet notification disruptions as the hotel has no WiFi)

In the evening you are assured to spot a few dare divers jumping in the ocean from fort Jesus and swim all the way to English point or just midway and return to the fort.

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