Date Out With Giraffes – Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

When you think of Mombasa, all that comes to mind is the white sandy beaches filled with coconut trees right?. On this post I will try and change that perception for you.

In Bamburi Off kiembeni road on the Nguu tatu hills lies a sanctuary (Nguuni nature sanctuary) It covers about 100acres of land filled with trees and unattended grass. The exact description of a lush bush.

The sanctuary is home to different species of birds, ostrich, waterbuck, donkey and giraffes. The giraffes are not caged in any way as they roam around in their natural habitat grazing on the vast acres of land.

The area is very serine with a few sitting/picnic areas consisting of well carved logs, chairs made of twigs and tables made out of concrete. There is a gazibo made of makuti for lounging on this hot weather as you sip your packed cold drink.

It is one of a kind spot in Kenya by far. Imagine sitting around as you watch giraffes and waterbucks graze around you without any kind of barrier. It’s sounds out of this world right?

You can have this experience here at the Kenyan coast at a steal price.(read till the end to get the price) I hope so far this has convinced you that Mombasa has so much to offer.

There are guides who are very friendly and assist to ensure you get the best experience while there. Since the giraffes are out grazing in the wild, the guide calls out to them by some kind of whistling. I think they are used to hearing the whistle, as within no time you will see them appear and start approaching the picnic area.

In order to entice them to come even closer, the guide pours molasses pallets for them near the picnic site. Note that the giraffes purely feed on grass and the molasses are just to enable the visitors see them up-close.

As they are being feed the pallets, the ostrich will also follow suite and try to eat as much as it can. Just like in the real jungle, survival for the fittest. It is quite a pretty site watching them feed together.

When they are being fed is the best time to take those instagrammable pictures with the giraffes. As they are so engrossed in eating you can move even closer and get perfect shots.

The site is so surreal I can never get over it. Seeing a whole family of giraffe from the mother, the father and the babies just warms my heart.As they mentioned in their entrance poster “out of Africa sundowner”, they did not exaggerate at all. The sunset here is magical with the giraffes as a backdrop
(Where else can you have this?)

Activities  You Can do Inside The Sanctuary

How To Get There

If you are coming from Mombasa town drive to Bamburi. Use the Bamburi Larfage road all the way(4kms) to Nguu tatu hills. You can’t miss their signage on the way.
One can also use public means by boarding Bamburi mwisho matatu. Go all the way to the last stage of the matatu then board a Tuktuk or a bodaboda to the sanctuary.

At the entrance there are minimal charges paid to the sanctuary. (kes 350 for adult Kenyan citizen)

This is a perfect Sunday fun day plan for the loners, love birds or even a family. The area doesn’t get crowded hence you are assured perfect views and a good time.

  • I hope by now I have tried my best to sell to you the idea of
    Mombasa has so much hung out places that doesn’t involve the beach .
  • You don’t have to break your bank to have such a magical experience.

In the comments section do let me know if my two assumptions above are really valid.

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